Integrated Business Automation Systems

The B.A.S. Box is a business tool developed and designed to improve business systems and work processes in a sustainable way by ensuring that businesses/institutions do not have to rely solely on access to costly high-speed internet. In a country with poor level of internet access such as we have in Nigeria, the B.A.S. Box will avail its users with communication and business application solutions across Local Area Networks (Wireless and wired).

The System can be scaled to the needs and size of the business/institution such as:

Business Offices & Retail outlets



Educational Systems (Schools)


Residential (Including Multi-tenant Units)

And more..

The other advantages of the include: High availability, rapid deployment, security, flexibility and scalability.

All these details can effectively improve awareness and use of information communication tools and applications and improve ICT usage at many levels

We will be happy to demonstrate how the BAS Box can work for your business