Digital Education Network (DEN)

Digital Making for Schools

Our main goal is to nurture Nigeria’s tech talent pool starting from primary school level so that a digital professional will already have 5-10 years experience before graduating from a tertiary educational institution! The choices available to young people today are very different from traditional careers in medicine, law, engineering and education. The preparatory steps need to adapt also.

Problems Being Solved
Several studies have identified key problems facing countries on the path from education to employment for young people especially.
Some of these are:
Digital education does not start early enough in schools
Many schools are more focused on issues like adequate shelter and malnutrition
Schools are not being supported enough to deploy digital learning solutions
Stakeholders need more channels for engaging with each other
Students do not acquire industry-ready skills before graduation, outside traditional professions
Entrepreneurship training is often too generic and education is certificate-focused

What we do
It is important that the next generation of Nigerian students should be active producers rather than passive consumers of technology, with key skills like logical thinking, pattern recognition, abstraction and software development. Our products and services have been tailored to create the best environment for their imaginations to thrive. We encourage schools to start small, pay for enough equipment to serve 12-18 students per class initially, train 2 enthusiastic teachers as project champions and grow from there.
We already have some international partners like Sparkfun Inc, USA and have started discussions with others, especially those with a local presence.