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About Us

We are SOFTWARE DEVELOPERS and SYSTEM INTEGRATORS with specialization in delivering affordable solutions for small, medium and large sized  businesses, organisations and institutions.

Our team is committed to exploiting TECHNOLOGY for the efficient and sustainable management of businesses and lifestyle of our clients

Develop & Integrate

As developers, we bring years of passion and experience to provide simple, practical and effective automation solutions. We implement ICT service platforms designed to adapt seamlessly to your business objectives and lifestyles. Simple, affordable solutions that go the extra mile. 

As Integrators, we help bring "all things TECH" together to work FOR YOU with pragmatic combinations of SOFTWARE, HARDWARE and COMMUNICATION Systems. We implement secure Cloud Based solutions for Online, Offline & Hybrid systems to suit your operations.


Avoid multiple IT vendors and save costs.

Software Solutions

  • Web and Mobile Apps
  • Prodcutivity Tools

Hardware Installations

  • PCs, MACs and Servers
  • Micro-computing

Networking & Communications

  • LANs, MAN, WANs
  • Unified Communications

Training Services

  • ICT Training
  • Training Facilities


Turnkey Solutions for SMEs and large enterprises that help reduce the cost of managing business processes, customers and sales. We find the operation gaps and bridge them seamlessly with sustainable, affordable technology. ...MORE

  • Websites, Portals and CMS
  • Applications (Web and Mobile)
  • CRM - ERP and Project Management
  • Business Development Solutions for startups)
  • Hosted Solutions (Unified Communications and Surveillance)
  • Local Area Networks


Our COMPLETE School Solutions take care of Information, Learning and Administration Management, Communcations and Security concerns for educational institutions. It is highy scalable and can be adapted for Primary, Secondary and Tertiary institutions. ...MORE

  • Student Information Management
  • School Administration Management
  • Learning Management (Virtual Classrooms)
  • Computer Based Testing Management
  • Unified Communications and Collaboration
  • Wireless Public Address System
  • IP Video Surveilance
  • Campus Networks


The automation solution for healthcare providers connects with and handles all administrative and management aspects of running a health clinic. By introducing meticulous record keeping systems, internal collaboration and security systems, our solution allows healthcare providers quickly focus on their primary objective. ...MORE

  • Patient Information Management
  • Hospital Administration Management
  • Medical Records Management
  • Dispensary Management
  • Unified Communications and Collaboration
  • IP Video Surveilance
  • Training

Why US?

We love to see things work. For good. Along with our PASSION comes COMMITMENT and a stubborn desire to see things through.

Whether it's a NEW or EXISTING project, our counsultants will be happy to share the journey with you.


We bring "all things tech" together and share the information on how to make it work for you and save resources.


Our Team

Here to help

Dipe Adedeji

Managing Director

Head Elf & General Dogsbody

Sukurat Marufdeen

Admin Assistant

Task Bunny

Abisoye Ogunsanya

Marketing and Sales

The Dealer

Bayo Otupate


Bean Counter

Ope Eso


Rain Maker, Nigeria

Lawrence Haidome

Business Development

Go to Guy


Some of the things we are really good at

  • Web & Applications Development
  • Businesss Development
  • Databases Management
  • Networks and Communications
  • Graphics and Design
  • Project Management

Our Business Offices

DigitalRig Ltd

Ogun State:

53, Obafemi Awolowo Way Molipa Road, Ijebu Ode, Ogun State

Lagos State:

1, Adebayo Doherty Road, Off Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos State

Tel 1: +234-811-774-6879, 
Tel 2: +234-811-774-6897


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