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About Us

We are DEVELOPERS and SYSTEM INTEGRATORS with passionate specialization in delivering affordable digital solutions for small, medium and large sized enterprises, businesses and institutions. Our commitment is to exploit and maximize ICT potential for the efficient and sustainable management of businesses and lifestyle.

Partner Services

Sparkfun Electronics are frontline providers for digital making solutions with heavy footprints in the technical education resources for all grades. With an almost infinite access to hardware/software resources and extensive training content, you are only limited by your imagination We are one of the only three Sparkfun Partners in West Africa. Together, we can build anything


  • Micro Computing

  • Hardware programming
  • STEM Materials

The Geodirectory Framework plugin for WordPress is arguably the most powerful resource for creating geo-senstive web applications and information databases. You can easily create a mobile ready services for both test and live solutions for small to very large records and directories. We are listed in their experts directory and are happy to join you in creating your next major project

GD Experts



Contact Information Management as a Service for Businesses, Services and Brands


Integrated Management Systems for businesses located in areas with poor access to high speed internet

Digital Education Network (DEN)

Community of schools and other stakeholders interested in driving the adoption of digital education across Nigeria

We provide high-quality and cost-efficient services.

Save time, money and grow your business. Reach the right audience, generate sales, manage resources and processes more efficiently than ever

  • Business and Sales Development
  • Process Automation
  • Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions
  • Educational Technology

Our Works

There is a saying that 'good work speaks for itself'. Below are some of our successful works.

Satisfied Clients.

These are some of the things our happy clients are saying::

Mr. O. Osinaike

Managing Director
WandeWorldwide Solutions Limited
It is a great pleasure to work with DigitalRig Limited. Their team is very professional and is very helpful in all aspects of our business. They are always available to help us with any questions we may have, and they always deliver on time. I would highly recommend DigitalRig Ltd to anyone who is looking for a reliable partner who can not only provide you with the product you want but also set up your website correctly so that it will be easy for you to maintain it later on.

Abiodun (Abbey) Abdul

What Colour are Your Senses Project
We have had previous experiences with web developers that were nothing short of horrible. DigitalRig took over the project and were able to understand and implement my project just the way I wanted with a little extra. The execution was a pleasant experience that carried us with them every step of the way.

John Akpan

Equity Point Real Estate
DigitalRig provides top-class services for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and startups. The company’s focus is on providing a wide range of digital marketing solutions, covering all aspects of business development, from branding to sales. They really did a good job for my brand.

Yeah, it's hard to build a business.
We have solutions that will help

Get your business noticed online and create a solid digital presence.

Sponsors & Grantors

DRL has received business grants from the following institutions over the years. We consider them as our partners in positive development.


At DigitalRig, you can rely on our experts for a customized branding service. We’ll create a brand that defines your brand’s identity and communicates effectively with your target audience and potential clients. We aim to create long-lasting relationships with our clients by providing compelling solutions. Our focus is not on the end product or result, but rather on the relationships we build along the way.
These five, in particular, can elevate your marketing strategy with a clearer focus on who you are and what you have to offer:

Business Development

Our business development services will help existing businesses and start-ups identify opportunities and execute on them effectively. It will help you to map the future and to establish business milestones from simple Business plans to complex Financial plans with multiple year projections for Sales, Finances, Product/Services offerings, and Management we have you covered.

Online Presence
(Website & Social Media)

Get the results you need with our right Online Presence Services. We will help you develop strategies for your Products, how this products are made available to the right customers, set up your online presence where your products can reach your right audience.

Business Applications

Take control of your business with our Web Application Solutions in which will help you integrate and manage complex financial, supply chain, manufacturing, operations, reporting, human resource systems, and customer relationships. The systems we create are easy to use and can integrate with other software systems so that you can work from anywhere. Our support team will work with you as we build each system that fulfills your business objectives.


We implement cloud-based collaboration solutions to help you work more effectively and your business run more efficiently. Using our Line of Business Applications, you and your team can collaborate, share ideas and connect with customers anytime, anywhere.
We will appraise your operations and determine the most effective collaboration tools to help better fulfill your business objectives.


We provide training services with programs designed for entrepreneurs and small business owners who desire to run their businesses more effectively and for individuals to help prepare them to either start their own ventures or become highly employable in the modern-day workspace. We employ Project Based Training and Instructor-led training strategies.
Project Based Training
Learn by Doing. Participants can gain knowledge and skills by working with tools that allow them to investigate and respond to authentic, engaging, and complex questions, problems, or challenges.
Instructor-led training
We pride ourselves on the diligence and dedication of our instructors and training resource partners. They are not just highly experienced in their respective chosen fields, they are mentors. Walk with us.


We provide you with a totally customizable framework that will help you prototype your website or mobile app. This helps you test several solutions and ideas.
With this, you will have a better understanding of how the app is going to perform once it goes live which will save time when you are nearing the launch of your app, that you can invest on making your application much better.

Features: Our Robotics Integration Process Will Assist You to Evaluate Your Current Production Lines and Assembly Methods to Help Identify and Optimize Those Process Steps for Automated Assembly. In turn, this will Give You the Advantage of Predictable and Consistent Results in a Continuous-Flow Process.
This Means No More Human Error, Decreased Time To Market, Improved Overall Product Quality, Ease of Purchasing, Improved Cost-to-Value Ratio, and Increased Profits.

Our Agric Tech Automation Service offers the following solution areas:- Irrigation- Sensors and Big Data Analytics- Access Control, Tracking and Automation.
With our technology, farmers can have more information about their farm than ever before. This helps in maximizing the current level of production without any additional effort on the part of farmers.

Our remote monitoring tool is perfect for any business. This software offers many features and a friendly interface. The software makes it easy to monitor anything like your territory, vehicles or employees without having to send someone down each time. Moreover, it provides insights that help in preventing problems.
Everything is possible through this software, you never have to feel left out of information anymore, it even saves you time and money.

Do you want to build your business brand awareness and increase your online presence, or expand to reach new customers?


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