IT Solutions for a stronger Digital Economy

We provide and support affordable tech solutions for Schools, Businesses and Lifestyles

About Us

We are DEVELOPERS and SYSTEM INTEGRATORS with passionate specialization in delivering affordable digital solutions for small, medium and large sized enterprises, businesses and institutions. Our commitment is to exploit and maximize ICT potential for the efficient and sustainable management of businesses and lifestyle.

As Developers

We bring years of experience and passion to provide simple, practical and effective automation solutions. We implement ICT service platforms designed to adapt seamlessly to your business objectives and lifestyles.

Complete Solutions

We do detailed appraisals of current business and social systems to enable us develop TOTAL SOLUTIONS that will help bridge gaps and improve operations in a sustainable way and in neat, affordable packages.

Scalable Systems

In addition to establishing robust service platforms, we ensure that our systems can be easily improved and adapted to any changes or alterations made by business decisions or change in environment, size and objectives


We provide services and content to impact businesses and educational systems that are located in areas with poor access technology solutions


Sponsors & Grantors

DRL has received business grants from the following institutions over the years. We consider them as our partners in positive development.


We feature a few Internal Project aimed at providing solutions for the public particularly in under-served areas


Contact Information Management as a Service for Businesses, Services and Brands


Integrated Management Systems for businesses located in areas with poor access to high speed internet

Digital Education Network (DEN)

Community of schools and other stakeholders interested in driving the adoption of digital education across Nigeria


Websites and Portals

Bespoke web presence that plugs into every part of your business operations. This includes a full integration into social media networks to ensure a consistent brand presence in the relevant spaces

Work Spaces

Physical and Virtual Office solutions. For physical offices, we provide highly secure LAN/WLAN and integrated CCTV systems inclusive of low-maintenance redundant power backup systems

Process Automation

Enterprise Resource Planning solutions that provide a well structured digital presence organisations. We implement CRM, HRM and collaboration platforms that can be managed internally and used for both on-site and Work From Home scenarios.

Internet and VoIP

We also provide VoIP solutions and internet access using VSAT, Fiber or Metropolitan Fixed Wireless networks inclusive of firewalls and bandwidth/traffic filtering/monitoring/management

BASBox - EduStudio

This features BASBox service with the focus being expanded to cover more than Student Information/School Administration Management, Surveillance and Communications. The main difference is that the server will now be used to host additional content that will encourage teachers to use the service on a daily basis for various activities

Digital Labs (S.T.E.M. )

We facilitate schools with MakerLabs, dedicated spaces where digital making activities can take place. These places are commonly called fabricating labs or Fablabs. DRL will offer, as a service bundle, to set up all the needed equipment for such a space, train all the necessary personnel and provide the required technical support to keep it functioning properly.